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Вступил в клуб, пока на три месяца, попробовать, первую посылку должны доставить 27 августа (что именно придёт, неизвестно).

Welcome to the Island Creek Oyster of the Month Club! We are looking forward to sharing some of our most unique oyster varieties with you.

Each month we hand pick the oyster according to what is looking best that season and what the chefs we work with are excited about. Something else we love about this program is that every oyster farmer we work with loves to be featured — it's special for them and has a major economic impact on their lives. In becoming part of our club, you are supporting these hard working folks while enjoying their incredible oysters.

What you get: 50 of our monthly featured oysters along with a varietal card describing the farmer, flavor and grow-out method.

Already psyched about 'em club oysters, can't wait to taste and review!
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