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Выношу редкое своё знание из своего же Фейсбука.

This is a practice to change a single malt to a "blended" one by adding a small amount of whisky (could be really a teaspoon) from another distillery to a cask. Since it no longer is from the same distillery, the whisky must now be considered a blended malt. Not really sure why would someone need to do it, but it could mean lower prices for the end customer. A bottle of official Ardbeg 19YO (a small batch, and not at cask strength) is at least $300 these days so I had to pass on it, but this teaspooned bottling (a homeopathic amount of Laphroaig was added to a 20YO cask of Ardbeg as per K&L Wines, note that Ardbeg is not mentioned on the label at all) is still in my target price range.
Tags: blended malt, teaspooned, виски, разное, термины
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