Oysters, music & books (alexander_panin) wrote,
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Sandy Denny box set to be released in October

This limited edition 19 CD box set includes 11 CDs featuring Sandy's complete studio recordings with Alex Campbell, Johnny Silvo, Fotheringay, Strawbs, Fairport Convention and solo with additional content; outtakes, demos and live recordings. There are eight CDs of bonus material; unreleased songs, demos, unreleased BBC recordings, alternate takes, live recordings, acoustic versions, and rare radio interviews. This set includes the legendarily long lost "Lord Bateman" and is lavishly packed with all-new artwork. It comes with a 72-page 11" square hardback book containing over 100 rare and mostly unseen photographs, Sandy's handwritten lyrics (many of which are unrecorded songs) and fascinating memorabilia. Each CD is housed in an individual gatefold digipak sleeve. The box also contains a reproductions of a beautiful original Island press pack, an exceptionally rare A3 promo colour poster for Northstar Grassman and the Ravens, a set of Postcards, the receipt for the purchase of her first piano and one of Sandy's handwritten notebooks.

Due October 4, 2010.
Tags: folk, sandy denny, музыка, скоро выходит

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